Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tell me he's not spoiled...

I've just finished washing, folding, and putting away two large loads of laundry...they are solely Will's clothing! And I have two more loads to do, plus his bedding. Greg and I were at Wal-Mart and I picked up 4 10-packs of children's hangers, thinking that 40 would certainly be enough. Hah! I used 30 on the first load alone, and that's not including the things that I stuck in the dresser. I think the kid has more clothes than me and he's not even born yet :) That's a good thing though...less laundry for mommy to have to do each week!

Greg and I spent the afternoon at our friend's, Aaron and Veronica, house. Veronica is an awesome interior designer and we "swapped" talents. I took her maternity and newborn pictures in exhange for some help with the nursery! So while the boys played video games, we talked baby stuff. She is going to make a canvas to hang above the crib of elephants like the ones on our bedding. She's also going to help sew some curtains for me. I can't wait to see what it looks like! In the meantime, I've got to finish decopauging the letters for the wall. I'm about halfway done and then we'll hang them above the dresser. It's all coming together! My goal is to have it finished before my shower in February.

Not much new to update on...Will has been kicking like crazy lately. Greg got to feel him for a long time today. His movements now are SO different from when I first started feeling him. It used to feel like air bubbles in my stomach or popcorn popping. Now, I'm starting to be able to identify what body parts are poking me. We're almost down to two months until his due date...crazy how fast time flies!!

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Dacia said...

yay!! i didn't know you were expecting! I'm so excited for you. so how far along are you and what is your due date?